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Produkty projektu międzynarodowego / Products of our transnational project

Informujemy, że udostępniliśmy produkty wypracowane w ramach projektu partnerskiego Grundtviga "Woman in the modern world". Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z ...

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“16” stycznia 2015r. w Lublinie pierwsze spotkanie w ramach Human Rights and Equality Academy”/ “16th January 2015 in Lublin 1st meeting of Human Rights and Equality Academy”

Szanowni Państwo, serdecznie zapraszamy na pierwsze spotkanie w ramach Human Rights and Equality Academy, które odbędzie się 16.01.2015 r. (piątek) ...

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7th meeting of Equality Academy

Last Thursday, 12th June, Equality Academy held its seventh meeting, which took place at Kawiarnia Kawka, in 9 Okopowa Street, ...

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Zapraszamy na bezpłatne spotkanie dotyczące równych szans kobiet i mężczyzn 12 czerwca (czwartek)

Fundacja „Fundusz Inicjatyw” zaprasza na kolejne spotkanie Equality Academy prowadzone przez wolontariuszki goszczące w fundacji w ramach Wolontariatu Europejskiego (program ...

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Zdjęcia i podsumowanie warsztatu Grundtviga "Creative reading? Why not!" / Photos and summary of Grundtvig Workshop "Creative reading? Why not!"

Serdecznie zapraszamy do obejrzenia zdjęć z warsztatu Grundtviga "Creative reading? Why not!", który odbył się w marcu br. w ...

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6th meeting of Equality Academy

On Monday 12th May, Equality Academy could hold its sixth meeting, which took place at Kawiarnia Kawka, in 9 Okopowa ...

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Partnership projects



As a result of dynamic development, "Initiative Fund" Foundation would like to expand its activities on international level. Our aim is to organize international trainings and projects as a coordinator as well as a partner. We truly care about establishing cooperation with European institutions carrying out similar activities.

Click on this link: Foundation’s booklet to get more information about our Foundation.

Partners’ search

Our Foundation is interested in the implementation of various international projects:

  1. within the frameworks of the European Union Erasmus Plus Programme:
    • KA1
      • Partnership Projects
      • Mobility projects
    • KA 2
      • Strategic Partnership Projects
  2. within the frameworks of the Human Capital Operational Programme, financed by the European Social Fund, supporting the development of education and human resources, the fighting with unemployment and social exclusion, as well as the increase of public administration’s potential.

We’re interested in the following subjects:

  • lifelong learning and adult education, innovative solutions in education
  • basic skills/key competences on the labour market
  • support to adults who reenter the labour market or want to change profession
  • management of educational and international projects
  • train the trainer skills 
  • PR and marketing in training organization
  • entrepreneurship, professional and social activation
  • equal opportunities, men and women on the labour market
  • intercultural communication and cultural identity
  • … and others, we’re open to other initiatives and topics.

Feel welcome to cooperate with us!

If you are interested in cooperation - contact us at


Partnership projects

Grundtvig Partnership Project "Woman in the modern world" - already finished:

“Initiative Fund” Foundation and 5 Partner organizations from: Lithuania, Spain, France, Latvia and Italy were awarded funding from National Agencies and implemented Partnership Project between 1/08/2010 and 31/07/2011.

Our Foundation was a coordinating institution in this project and took care of correct implementation and management of all activities at each stage of the project.

Feel free to get to know key products of WMW project:


Kapitał Ludzki

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission, Lifelong Learning Programme 2007-2013.

This website reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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