Creative Recycling Idea: Painted Glass Jars

Looking for an eco-friendly and fun DIY project? Try painting glass jars!


Creative Recycling in the Project "Five Matters of Eco-Love: beautiful, sustainable and together"

Did you know that recycling can be not only eco-friendly but also beautiful and creative? Our project “Five Matters of Eco-Love” shows how we can create unique items from materials we already have.

Get inspired and join us in discovering new recycling possibilities! Do it with love for our planet and support sustainable development.

  • Use old jars to create beautiful lanterns.

  • Turn old t-shirts into trendy shopping bags.

  • Make unique decorations from cardboard boxes.

Together, we can make a big difference!


Unforgettable moments from the internal workshop of the 5MEL project in Nitra!

From May 27 to 31, 2024, the non-profit organization New Edu hosted a workshop as part of the 5MEL project, focusing on promoting active citizenship and environmental education among adults. The workshop’s agenda was incredibly rich and diverse. On the first day, participants learned about the concepts of creative recycling and upcycling, engaging in hands-on activities under the guidance of Fundacja “Fundusz Inicjatyw”. The second day, owing to the generosity of New Edu, they had the opportunity to delve into the art of nature photography and storytelling through images.

The following day, Universidade Sénior de Oeiras encouraged delegates to connect with nature through artistic expression. On the fourth day, ASOCIATIA EDUTEX used interactive teaching methods to introduce the fascinating world of STEM. Finally, on the fifth day, Akdeniz Naturel Yasam Dernegi helped participants gain a deeper understanding of the interactions between science and the natural world.

Let’s change our environment and society together with project 5MEL!


Creative Recycling and Upcycling Workshops with the “Initiative Fund" Foundation!

As part of the 5MEL (Five Matters of Eco-Love: beautiful, sustainable and together) project, the “Initiative Fund” Foundation is pleased to participate in inspiring meetings in Slovakia, where we discuss the project with our partners and take part in daily environmental improvement workshops.
On Monday, 27.05.2024, we held a workshop on creative recycling and upcycling, which proved to be a great source of knowledge and inspiration.
The workshop started with a theoretical part, where we discussed the definitions and evolution of recycling and upcycling practices, and explained the differences between them. We introduced the terms ‘creative recycling’ and ‘upcycling’, and examined the statistics on the amount of waste generated worldwide, in Poland and Europe, and its impact on climate change.
We then moved on to showcase good practices and exciting solutions. We presented inspiring case studies of companies, artists and community initiatives that use creative recycling and upcycling. We discussed the environmental and economic benefits of these practices, and presented practical advice on collecting materials and the methods and tools for transforming them.
The final part of the workshop was related to practical experience and was marked by creativity and ingenuity. We carried out DIY projects, showing step-by-step how to create new products from different materials and how to reuse everyday objects in innovative ways. Practical workshops and group discussions enabled participants to develop their skills and creative approaches to recycling and upcycling in everyday life.
At the end of the workshop, we summarised the highlights and encouraged the participants to explore the topic further. We inspired everyone to continue the practice of creative recycling and upcycling, showing how creativity and innovative approaches to waste can help the planet.
Together we can achieve a sustainable future!
Join us and be part of the green revolution!

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