Implementation date

31.05.2022 - 30.11.2023
Proces tworzenia 15%
  1. Partner institutions and their staff (not only permanent staff, but also VET educators/ trainers/ advisors/ coaches with whom partner organizations occasionally cooperate in the implementation of various activities / projects) – min. 10 people from each organization.
  2. VET / Training institutions / VET Educators / trainers / vocational counselors / coaches, who will receive information by email about the availability of free use of the innovative results – min. 50 people / institutions in each country.
  • Participatory field-study research, complementing a desk-based research on citizen science approaches, environmental challenges and actions, which will be conveyed in the Interactive report.
  • Development of e-learning programme empowering VET educators to promote community-based environmental action.
  • Delivery of a pilot environmental awareness-action with VET learners with the newly-created Sustainability kit, and of the eco-consciousness assessment package.

Interactive report: environmental challenges and climate action

e-learning VET programme

– VET Sustainability kit

– Eco-consciousness VET assessment package

  1. Fundacja „Fundusz Inicjatyw” (Poland) – Leader (
  2. Prometeo (Italy) – Partner (

What vocational education can do for climate action

Project aims to make community-based environmental VET education a more central and visible part of the response to sustainability issues. The project is inspired by the European Climate Pact, launched on 16 December 2020, which underlines the need of a space for people across all walks of life to connect and together develop and implement climate solutions, big and small.

The project which will directly involve VET learners, with special attention to disadvantaged VETs, learners and VET educators, hence allowing to address environmental problems specific to the addressed contexts. The project will meet NGOs, Civil Society Organizations, education researchers and VET education institutions’ need to face analogous environmental and social and educational challenges re-using the resources developed by the project, promoting new environmental initiatives and programmes. The project meets the needs of the partnership as it will provide all involved institutions with a chance to enhance their experience with environmental VET education and with innovative participative learning methods, for mutual capacity building and exchange of know-how and good practices and long-term exploitation of project results.

Main objectives

Detailed objectives:


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