Online course

We cordially invite VET (vocational education and training) trainers/career counsellors interested in environmental education and civic science to take part in a course developed in the Polish-Italian cooperation of the “Fund for Initiatives” Foundation with the Partner – Prometeo as part of the Erasmus+ project “VEforCA – What vocational education can do for climate action” (more about the project HERE:


Participation in the course is free of charge.


o Module 1 Principles of non-formal and informal environmental education and how to implement it with VET learners – duration: 45-60 min.

o Module 2 Inclusion of individual responsibility and media literacy in environmental education – duration: 45-60 min.

o Module 3 Supporting engagement in environmental and climate action through citizen learning – duration: 45-60 min.

o Module 4 Promoting networking and multilateral cooperation in environmental activities – duration: 45-60 min.

o Module 5 Designing participatory activities for the environment and climate at the local level – duration: 45-60 min.


Link to the course:

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