We are starting a new project

From March 1, 2024, we will start implementing the project „Five Matters of Eco-Love: beautiful, sustainable and together”

The main aim of the project is to increase the motivation of members of our target groups in the field of creative recycling.

This will be reached by:

  1. to organize Internal workshop where partners’ experts will share best practice and improve their knowledge, skills in the field of environmental protection.
  2. to organize regional workshops, where adult members of local communities will be involved;
  3. to write Eco-Love Guide for adults.


We started the implementation of the „Education for the Future” project.

The Erasmus+ project is implemented in partnership with the German organization SCHWERPUNKT ZENTRUM GMBH

Want to know more? Go to the project website: EDUCATIONforFUTURE – Fundacja „Fundusz Inicjatyw” (ffi.org.pl)


We are pleased to announce that the educational offer of the „Initiative Fund” Foundation (IFF) aimed at the vocational education and training (VET) sector has just expanded with the results of the Erasmus+ project „GreenMinds: Green Education for VET and small enterprises”. We are one of the educational organizations that will implement the results of the project in their own activity.


The objective of the project implemented by Deinde sp. z o. o. (Poland) and Prometeo (Italy) was to promote environmental awareness and practices as part of corporate social responsibility in VET institutions and SMEs.


The project has generated a number of results in the field of green CSR, with a focus on the staff of VET institutions and SMEs. Free materials are available on the project website under the link https://deinde.pl/en/greenminds-erasmus-2/.


All project results are available for free in 3 language versions (Polish, English and Italian) and include:

  1. Training Courses:

Two training courses covering:

  • SA8000 Standard and Environmental Protection,
  • CSR and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Business.

The courses are available both as training materials in the form of a pdf file (downloadable/printable) and as an online course, which is available to all registered users on the digital platform under the link https://www.prometeodigitale.eu/.

In order to create an account on the platform and participate in the course, you might consider reading the technical „CSR Instruction Book for VETs” available under the link https://deinde.pl/en/gm-instrukcja-csr-dla-vet-en/.


  1. CSR Green Handbook for VET institutions and SMEs:

The CSR Green Handbook provides a practical guide for VET and SMEs staff on possible ways to develop and implement green practices and pro-environmental solutions in VET institutions and SMEs. „The CSR Green Book” also provides insight into the world’s best green CSR strategies.


  1. CSR Toolkit:

A series of practical educational materials on green CSR has been posted on the project website https://deinde.pl/en/csr-toolkit-2/, presenting helpful content for staff of VET organizations and SMEs. The materials developed include: Articles, Scenarios of how to use CSR, Proposals for using CSR, Games and educational tools.


  1. Reports on desk research and own research:

The reports were designed to map and illustrate the real reasons behind the lack of or limited environmental CSR activities among VET institutions and SMEs in Poland and Italy. The reports are available under the link https://deinde.pl/en/results-4/


  1. Green VET Social Network:

An online network for communication and exchange of experiences and practices among project staff, course participants, survey respondents, and anyone interested in project topics and green CSR practices has been built. The forum can be accessed through the platform https://www.prometeodigitale.eu/. All VET institutions and SMEs employees, as well as those interested in ecology, can become users of the platform, and they will gain access to the online course and the „Green VET Social Network” forum after creating a free account.


The thematic field of the above-mentioned project results is related to „Initiative Fund” Foundation’s Erasmus+ project 'VEforCA – What Vocational Education can do for Climate Action?’ and thus this is another step by IFF in spreading environmental awareness and highlighting the importance of pro-environmental climate action.


You are cordially invited to study the materials and use them to promote and implement environmental practices and activities!




Funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). Neither the European Union nor EACEA can be held responsible for them.




We have completed the Erasmus+ project aimed at the vocational education and training (VET) sector – “VEforCA – What vocational education can do for climate action.”

We sincerely thank all those involved in the project and those who participated in testing its results.

The project is designed to make community-based environmental VET (vocational education and training) a more central and visible part of the response to sustainability issues. The project is inspired by the European Climate Pact, launched on December 16, 2020, which emphasizes the need for space for people from all backgrounds to come together and work together to develop and implement climate solutions, big and small.

At https://ffi.org.pl/veforca/ you can explore the materials and download the 4 results of the project:

(1) Interactive Report: Environmental challenges and climate action

(2) Online course

The course covers the following modules:

Module 1 Principles of non-formal and informal environmental education, and how to deliver it to VET learners – duration: 45-60 min.

Module 2 Integrating individual responsibility and media literacy into environmental education – duration: 45-60 min.

Module 3 Fostering engagement in environmental and climate action through citizen science  – duration: 45-60 min.

Module 4 Promoting networking and multi-stakeholder approaches to environmental engagement – duration: 45-60 min.

Module 5 Designing participatory activities for the environment and climate at the local level – duration: 45-60 min.


(3) Digital Sustainability Kit, focused on six environmental areas and which also includes: questions/statements related to a given environmental awareness area, scientific facts, Ways/actions of saving in a given area, that can be used in environmental education, as well as links to links to external digital tools, such as games, videos or guides.

(4) Eco Consciousness Vet Assessment Package

We invite you to explore the results of the project!

Project website: https://ffi.org.pl/veforca/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/funduszinicjatyw

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