Energy Saving



Self awareness questionnaire - Questions/statements  related to a given environmental awareness area (divided into two categories: individual VET persons and institutions)


Scientific facts about the area


Ways/actions of saving in a given item (divided into two categories: individual people and VET institutions)


Educational tools, e.g. description of some games, exercises, presentation


Links to external digital tools such as open scientific information, interactive resources, media and scientific tools related to a given topic

Slide Team about energy saving


Basic Scheme and application of Energy conservation


Twinkle, Switch off fortnight


Twinkle, Energy Saving Week


SketchBubble – Energy Efficiency


Pictures about Energy conservation


Videos about Energy Saving


Scientifical Articles about Energy Saving


Other links

Energy Saver

Use our reference list to learn more about energy efficiency and renewable energy. Contents. 1. Page 4. Right in your own home, you … 44 pages


Energy Saving and Demand Reduction

EnergyEfficiency Measures List. 1.0 Envelope. 1.1 Reduce Heat Losses-Ceiling/roof. 1.11 Additional Ceiling/Roof Insulation. 1.12 Exhaust Attics. 6 pages


Tips for saving energy

This paper proposes that an EnMS helps companies to maximise their energy savings and productivity, simply by achieving the full cost-effective … 34 pages


Energy efficiency technologies and benefits – UNIDO

This module introduces the concept of energy efficiency and some approaches— together with the associated technologies—to achieving higher energy efficiency. 56 pages


A quick start Guide

3 | Energy list 2022. >> Contents. Introduction. Financial benefits for investments in energy saving and sustainable energy. The Energy Investment Allowance. 92 pages

Saving Energy, Saving Lives – ACEEE

di S Hayes — for energy efficiency to reduce air pollution and improve public health. … at the top of the list, followed by Chicago, Philadelphia. 38 pages

Tips for Saving Money and energy

You have finalised your ESOS compliance and now have a list of energy efficiency recommendations. • You have identified energy saving opportunities within. 56 pages


An Introduction to Energy Saving Systems

The policy statements for the Eswatini Energy Efficiency and Conservation Policy are outlined … /road_safety_status/2013/country_profiles/swaziland.pdf … 26 pages


Energy Saving Plan

Project “Promoting Energy Efficiency Investments for Climate Change … LIST OF BOXES ….” 75 pages

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