Active transport & mobility



Self awareness questionnaire - Questions/statements  related to a given environmental awareness area (divided into two categories: individual VET persons and institutions)


Scientific facts about the area


Ways/actions of saving in a given item (divided into two categories: individual people and VET institutions)


Educational tools, e.g. description of some games, exercises, presentation


Links to external digital tools such as open scientific information, interactive resources, media and scientific tools related to a given topic

Green Car Reports (

Green Car Reports is a website that provides news, reviews and information on green vehicles including electric, hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles. It deals with topics such as emissions, fuel efficiency and progress in sustainable transport.

Transit (

Transit is a mobile app that provides real-time information on public transport options, including buses, trains and bike-to-hire systems. It offers features such as route planning, live arrival times and turn-by-turn navigation for eco-friendly travel.

Walk Score (

Walk Score is a website that assesses the ability to walk in neighbourhoods and cities. Provides a walkability rating for specific addresses, along with information on nearby amenities, public transport options and cycling facilities, encouraging walking and other forms of active transport.

Bike Citizens (

Bike Citizens is a mobile application and platform that promotes the bicycle as a sustainable means of transport. It offers features such as route planning, bike-friendly navigation and community engagement, encouraging individuals to choose a bicycle for daily commuting and recreational activities.

SLoCaT Knowledge Portal (

SLoCaT Knowledge Portal is a platform that provides resources, publications and data related to sustainable, low-carbon transport. It covers topics such as sustainable mobility planning, public transport, active transport and policy frameworks, offering valuable insights for researchers, practitioners and policy makers.

Green NCAP (

An initiative promoting the development of cars that are energy efficient and cause as little damage to the environment as possible. Its aim is to improve the quality of the air we breathe, minimize the consumption of resources used in passenger transport and reduce global warming.

Green NCAP offers Life Cycle Assessment, i.e. the assessment of the vehicle’s life cycle. It is a method of estimating the overall environmental impact of a vehicle throughout its life cycle. Rate how your car performs!

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