Shrinking our (digital) carbon footprint



Self awareness questionnaire - Questions/statements related to a given environmental awareness area (divided into two categories: individual VET persons and institutions)


Scientific facts about the area


Ways/actions of saving in a given item (divided into two categories: individual people and VET institutions)


Educational tools, e.g. description of some games, exercises, presentation


Links to external digital tools such as open scientific information, interactive resources, media and scientific tools related to a given topic

Links to Scientific information

  1. „Shrinking the Carbon Footprint: A Systematic Review of Carbon Reduction Strategies” – This scientific article provides an in-depth review of various strategies and approaches for shrinking carbon footprints. It discusses the effectiveness of different measures, including energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable transportation, and behavioral changes. Access the article here: [Link to the article]
  2. „Carbon Footprint Reduction in Practice: An Empirical Analysis of Companies’ Strategies” – This research paper examines the practical implementation of carbon footprint reduction strategies by companies. It explores case studies and real-world examples, highlighting successful approaches and challenges faced in shrinking carbon footprints. Find the paper here: [Link to the paper]
  3. „Carbon Footprint Reduction and Mitigation Strategies: A Comprehensive Review” – This comprehensive review paper provides an overview of carbon footprint reduction strategies across various sectors, including energy, transportation, buildings, and waste management. It assesses the effectiveness of different strategies and provides insights into policy implications and future directions. Access the review here: [Link to the review]


Links to Interactive resources

Calculate your global footprint


Test Umberto for free and calculate your Product Carbon Footprint now


Links to Media

  1. The Guardian Environment Section: The Guardian is a well-known news outlet that covers a wide range of environmental topics, including efforts to shrink carbon footprints. You can explore their Environment section for articles and features related to carbon footprint reduction: []
  2. Environmental Defense Fund (EDF): The EDF is an environmental organization that provides research, resources, and articles on various sustainability topics. They often cover strategies and initiatives to shrink carbon footprints. Visit their website for valuable insights: []
  3. Scientific American: Scientific American publishes scientific articles and features on a broad range of topics, including climate change and carbon footprint reduction. Their articles often provide in-depth analysis and research-backed information. You can explore their website for relevant content: []


Links to Scientific Tools

  1. Carbon Footprint Calculator by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF): The WWF provides a carbon footprint calculator that allows individuals and organizations to estimate their carbon emissions across various sectors. It provides insights into areas where emissions can be reduced and offers guidance on sustainable practices. Access the calculator here: []
  2. Carbon Trust Footprint Calculator: The Carbon Trust offers a comprehensive carbon footprint calculator for businesses. It helps organizations measure and manage their carbon emissions across operations, products, and supply chains. The tool provides detailed reports and recommendations to support carbon reduction strategies. Explore the calculator here: []
  3. OpenLCA: OpenLCA is a free, open-source life cycle assessment (LCA) software tool used for analyzing the environmental impacts of products, processes, and systems. It enables users to assess carbon footprints, identify hotspots, and explore mitigation strategies. Access OpenLCA and its resources here: []
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